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Plumi Workshop @ The Greek FOSS Conference

[From Markos on the Plumi blog]

On Friday 20th May, Unweb presented a Plumi workshop, “Create your own youtube with FLOSS”, at the 2011 Greek Free and Open Source conference, in Athens.

About 50 people participated in the workshop, and it was a great experience! During the workshop’s two hours we presented Plumi, we assisted the audience to perform fresh installations on their laptops, we discussed deployment issues and have received highly positive comments regarding Plumi, the transcoding framework and the future of the project.

There have been a few concerns about the packaging of the project and there has been a demand for easier ways to install it. For example, as we experienced network issues during the conference, the installation was unable to proceed for a couple of attendees.

The presentation (in Greek!) can be found here (

2011 Greek Free and Open Source conference, in Athens.
2011 Greek Free and Open Source conference in Athens.