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Plumi 4.0 Final Released

Plumi 4.0

We are pleased to announce the release of the final stable version Plumi 4.0 based on the latest Plone 4.0. Plumi is a package of Plone products and customisations that enables you to create your own video-sharing community, out of the box. Plumi is an open-source free software project maintained by EngageMedia since 2005, and used to run the website.

Moving to Plone 4 is a major step forward for the Plumi project, which includes all the improvements available inside Plone 4. Plone 4 is faster and easier to use than ever, you can read all about it here.

This new final version of Plumi 4.0 includes bug fixes and improvements to ensure a stable release primarily focused on rebasing Plumi on Plone 4. Other improvements include updating the caching system to create a faster site, clean-up of installation and architecture to ensure forwards-compatibility, updating of third-party software modules, and inclusion of codecs required by the transcoding framework to make installation easier. Developers now also have the option to install a lighter development site for testing purposes, or a fully-featured production website.

Recent changes for the final release include:

  • fix authorlisting error if a user doesn’t have a member folder [clopy]
  • remove duplicate icons for news and events [clopy]
  • fix login form allignment issue on safari [clopy]
  • update personalize form for plone 4 [clopy]
  • restored category and country information on video listings [clopy]
  • removed homepages field for the final release [clopy]

This version is stable and production-ready, but send us any bugs you may find by lodging them as a ticket.

You can read more about Plumi 4.0 on the Plumi blog or on the Plone website.

This release has been produced by Unweb ( in conjunction with EngageMedia (