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Yerry’s dispatch from Makassar: Engagemedia Makasar Tour 2010

Hey all! Now we are coming to the port city of Makassar in South Sulawesi to conduct EngageMedia online distribution workshop. Our plan is to meet at least six video-maker groups in this city. We’ll be hopping offices and cafes doing workshops. Contact us if you’re interested, or, may we’ll bump into you in Makassar.

Anata's tiny laptop on EM-laptop

While we’re in Makassar, or formerly known as Ujung Pandang, EngageMedia will try to share materials about online distribution and discuss  them in the forums. Our training will be held over short and introductory online distribution materials. Since we plan to hold the workshops for 3 to 4 hours, the material we’ve prepared are quite packed. However, we believe that this material can be a way to start the long journey to unlock the knowledge in the world of online video distribution.

Our approach is to find out the video distribution strategies of each groups. We will meet up and consult in their offices or even in public spaces with internet, namely the cafes. During this occasion we also want to meet and make friends with various activist groups, especially individuals and groups related to video production for social issues and the environment, youth groups, and artists who use videos as part of their artistic expressions.

Yup, we will start and hope that we succeed … see you there!

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