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This is How Her Home Was Built

TIHHHWB Landscape


Jaime Morados




Fiction, Animated Film

Digital Rights Issue

Social Media and Disinformation, Youth Engagement on Digital Rights

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In This Is How Her Home Was Built, Julia, a young woman living in Manila, embarks on a poignant journey to unravel the intricate web of conflicting narratives that shroud the true origins of her beloved home. Reality, lies, and myth merge into a complex mosaic, mirroring the challenge to distinguish fact from fiction in a world saturated with manipulated narratives.

As Julia endeavours to discover a sense of belonging and unveil the true history of her home, she becomes a universal allegory of the struggle to untangle the layers of deception and manipulation that obscure her understanding of historical and contemporary events in the Philippines. With this realisation, she contemplates the profound consequences of disinformation and fake news on young people in society.

Learn more about the film's digital rights issue in
'Confronting Fact and Fiction Amid Information Disorder.'


About the Director

Jaime Morados is a Filipino director and producer from Biñan City, Laguna. His works have been selected and awarded in local and international film festivals. He won the Jury Prize at the Binisaya Film Festival for his film Protacio and the Bum (2021), and Best Picture at Montañosa Film Festival. He is also known for his short film Ang Pagliligtas sa Dalagang Bukid (Saving the Country Maiden, 2022), which was part of the QCinema International Film Festival in 2022.