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Nanay (Mama)

Nanay Landscape


Kristine Camille Sulit & JV Sangalang





Digital Rights Issue

New Money and Digital Safety and Security

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Mama Linda, now in her early 60s, has been peddling home-cooked food in an urban poor community in Manila where she and her daughter also live. While resting after a day’s work one quiet morning, her silence and peace is disturbed by a call from a man who introduces himself as the neighbour of her long-lost sister, Gloring. He delivers devastating news: Gloring is in the hospital and urgently needs money.

Despite her suspicions, Mama Linda hurries to the corner store to arrange a wire transfer. The young storekeeper, Rose, is initially hesitant but eventually agrees to help out. Unfortunately, their suspicions are confirmed – it’s a scam. Mama Linda’s daughter, Melody, arrives home to piece together what happened and find a way to recover the money.

Learn more about the film's digital rights issue in
'Digital Fraud and Exploiting Loopholes in Financial Systems.'

About the Director

Kristine Camille Sulit is a communication, film, and multimedia instructor at Mapua University, CIIT College of Arts and Technology, and iAcademy. She was Deputy Film Festival Director at the 2018 Quezon City International Pink Film Festival. As a filmmaker, she became a delegate for Platform Busan at the 2022 Busan International Film Festival. Her latest short film, Read-only Memory (co-directed with David R. Corpuz), won 1st place in the Experimental Category of the 34th Gawad Alternatibo.

Her co-director, JV Sangalang, pursued a career in media and journalism after attending a free basic filmmaking workshop in 2015. At the heart of all his endeavours is his activism, which also led to professional opportunities, such as being a writer for organisations like the Philippine Safe Abortion Advocacy Network. As a member of the urban poor group KADAMAY, he makes sure his activist ideals and goals are embodied in his work.