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Tech Tales Youth: Impact Stories From the Ground

Tech Tales Youth has enabled young filmmakers to become advocates for digital rights by creating impact campaigns around their films. The campaigns drew from the Impact Toolkit produced by the Video4Change Network and EngageMedia as preliminary guides.

From April 2023 to March 2024, the filmmakers received mentorship on digital rights and using video for social change. They attended workshops, discussions, and learning activities to understand the connections between human rights and digital technologies.

Using the Impact Campaign Builder, each filmmaker developed an impact campaign tailored to their film’s topic. The campaigns aim to raise awareness on digital rights issues like privacy concerns, algorithm bias, disinformation, digital labour exploitation, online harassment and holding technology companies and governments accountable.  

The films go beyond just depicting issues – they are tools to educate audiences and garner support for local digital rights initiatives through engaging storytelling and practical calls to action.

The impact campaigns cover diverse digital rights subjects that the filmmakers feel passionate about and have experienced themselves. By leading these campaigns, the young artists applied their learnings from the mentorship on using film for social impact.

As these impact campaigns roll out, they spark important conversations, question norms, and contribute towards a more equitable digital environment. Through determined storytelling, the Tech Tales Youth filmmakers strive to catalyse positive changes in their communities.