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Doxxed Landscape


Thanakorn “Meen” Yangmeesuk





Digital Rights Issue

Online Gender-based Violence, Digital Safety and Security

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Jane is a political and human rights journalist who maintains an active online presence. She frequently posts pictures and checks in at various locations during her daily routines. She also hangs out with her close friend, Dee, to whom she confides about her work.

One day, Jane's editor calls her in for a discussion and tells her that she has been doxxed. Jane is harassed by individuals and groups sending threatening messages and posting harmful information about her. Initially suspecting Dee to be the source of the info leak, she realises that she is mistaken after narrowly escaping from a man dressed in black who threatened her while on her way home.

Now determined to find the source of the leak, Jane finds an account that had collected her previous posts, including information about other people in the news agency. The discovery made her realise that the culprit must be someone in her workplace.

Learn more about the film's digital rights issue in
'The Price of Truth: Female Journalists and Doxxing.'

About the Director

Thanakorn “Meen” Yangmeesuk is a young director and writer born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand. As a passionate cinephile, he always finds an opportunity to learn and practice making films while studying in the Department of Communication Arts and Information Science at Kasetsart University. He is very passionate about telling stories through various genres of cinema. His first short film as a director and writer, One Use (2022), was part of the CCCL Film Festival Official Selection 2023.