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Black Hole

Blackhole Landscape


Patipat Oakkharhaphunrat





Digital Rights Issue

Youth Engagement on Digital Rights, Digital Safety and Security

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A black hole mysteriously appears in the middle of a house. A man cautiously approaches and reaches into the hole. He pulls out a severed arm tightly holding a phone. Suddenly, the phone rings, and an unknown caller tells him ominously that his military officer father was a national disgrace and that he will be remembered as his bastard son. The call abruptly ends, and the phone lights up.

Accompanied by images of violent protests, a news announcement reveals how a high-ranking military soldier had taken the personal information of conscripts and sold them to a call centre gang.

The man returns to find the mysterious black hole again in the middle of the house. Bending down, he stares into it, seeing images of the masses of the past and present and a battle that repeats itself endlessly.

Learn more about the film's digital rights issue in
'Empowering Youth in the Digital Age: Advocating for Digital Rights and Addressing Generational Trauma.'

About the Director

Patipat Oakkharhaphunrat is a filmmaker who creates experimental work, short films, and documentaries, and loves to explore new ways of storytelling. He is interested in stories of adolescent movement, maturity, growth, memory, and metaphysics and likes to observe the possibility of things around them in order to realise the impermanence of life. He believes that movies have the function of conveying the truth in an aspect of life.