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Local Archives Camp

Local Video Archives Project

During 2009 and 2010, EngageMedia undertook a major project in Indonesia aimed at creating local archives for video-makers to be

Camp Sambel 1: Melayu Video Camp

Kemah video regional para aktivis dari Indonesia, Malaysia, Timor Leste, dan Papua diadakan di Malang, Indonesia, pada Juni 2010. EngageMedia
Camp Sambel 2 participants. Photo by: kstanphoto

Sambel: Melayu Video Camp

EngageMedia has hosted two regional Southeast Asia video skills and networking events, bringing together activists from Southern Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, East Timor and West Papua.

Camp Sambel 2010

A regional video camp with activists from Indonesia, Malaysia, East Timor and West Papua held in Malang, Indonesia, June 2010