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In Indonesia, various groups, such as people with disabilities, vulnerable women, indigenous people and the youth, suffer discrimination and are often denied access to social services and excluded from political participation. Most marginalized groups are alienated from society and unable to participate and contribute in meaningful ways; and this can lead to the expansion of an unbalanced, unjust, and underdeveloped country socially, politically, and economically.

EngageMedia’s Voice project aims to facilitate spaces where marginalized communities explore ways in which they can harness their creativity and turn their aspirations into actions with real social impact. The project involves a participatory storytelling methodology for different marginalized groups to help them produce their own content, and work with them to develop a strategy on how to best distribute content in a safe and secure manner.

It is a process that enables the sharing of experiences and lessons from (innovative) initiatives. It allows successful projects and approaches to scale-out and scale-up. It is learning from mistakes (in some cases failure) and being open to solutions that takes us beyond our comfort zone.

Within Voice, it is all of the activities, processes and trajectories towards boosting collaboration, exchange, learning, innovation and application of new knowledge. Linking and Learning aims to catalyse transformative change for the most marginalised and discriminated groups.

The Linking And Learning Events

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