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Report: Digital security perceptions and practices among journalists active in Myanmar

The 2021 military coup in Myanmar reignited a climate of pervasive fear, especially among journalists—a problem compounded by an environment where media freedom is already fragile. With digital platforms and technologies now essential to news reporting, journalists must remain vigilant of potential surveillance and control afforded through the internet.

Produced by EngageMedia with the support of the SecDev Foundation, the report “Digital security perceptions and practices among journalists active in Myanmar” examines the security practices of journalists working both within and outside Myanmar. The report found that predominant threats and risks to journalists stem from low-tech surveillance and control. Furthermore, it proposes that a universal ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to security does not exist and that a holistic approach to security is critical.

In addition to enhancing digital savviness, security training must consider the need to safeguard physical and psychological well-being, implement organisational security protocols, and, most importantly, actively involve journalists in the training design.

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MM journalist digisec report 04182024

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