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Password Protection now available on Cinemata for student filmmakers and activists

Password protection feature

Cinemata, a video platform for social issue films about the Asia-Pacific region, has released a new helpful feature for emerging filmmakers and video activists: password protection for content. This feature is available for free to its growing number of Trusted Users.

In response to the financial constraints faced by student filmmakers, Cinemata addresses the needs of student creators by offering password-protected content. This feature ensures that only the intended audience can access the content. They can use this feature to give screeners of their works to film programmers, festivals, and other potential partners who may need to view them privately. The option to download a hi-resolution version of their file is also available.

King Catoy, the development lead at Cinemata, said, “This feature will enable filmmakers and video collectives to overcome financial limitations that restrict their access to similar features on commercial platforms offered by big tech companies. It will allow them to make their works accessible to potential partners and collaborators who may need to view them privately.”

Jen Tarnate, the lead curator of Cinemata, emphasises the significance of this feature for video activists focusing on human rights and climate change issues. Beyond affordability, it minimises security risks, ensuring that their important work reaches the intended audience securely.

Cinemata’s latest feature, allowing password protection for content, is a solid addition to its expanding functionalities like automated transcription and English translation, ad-free usage, and respect for user privacy. It makes it an ideal choice for social issue filmmakers, community journalists, and video activists in the Asia-Pacific who are looking for a secure and trusted platform to share their work.

To enjoy this exclusive feature, student filmmakers and activists must sign up for an account on They will then need to complete an online form to become a Trusted User and gain access to the feature. Additionally, Cinemata curators recommend that users upload at least two of their previous works and set them to Public under Publishing Status on the Edit Media page.

For more information about this feature, check out this short guide on our Help and Resources page.