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PGP Live at DRAPAC23: Ranking Digital Rights

Pretty Good Podcast Live at DRAPAC23 is a special episode series of Pretty Good Podcast, recorded live at the Digital Rights Asia Pacific Assembly in Chiang Mai, Thailand, last May 22 to 26, 2023.

Together with hundreds of changemakers from a broad range of sectors who have come together to build knowledge, collaboration, and momentum on Digital Rights and the Asia-Pacific, this series features a number of DRAPAC23 participants working across pressing digital rights issues in the region.

In this episode of PGP Live at DRAPAC23, Leandro Ucciferri, Global Partnerships Manager of Ranking Digital Rights (RDR), explores the collaboration with EngageMedia on the Greater Internet Freedom project led by Internews. He emphasizes RDR’s commitment to sharing their methodology for studying tech and telecom companies’ human rights commitments, rooted in international standards and UN guiding principles, while actively seeking ways to understand how these methodologies can be applied to the local context by local partner organizations. Highlighting comparability across companies and jurisdictions, Leandro navigates the challenges encountered in the project and offers valuable recommendations for local digital rights organizations engaging with tech companies.

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About Ranking Digital Rights.: An independent research program at the policy think tank New America. Their work guides policymakers, investors, and advocates seeking to shape a digital public sphere in which networked technologies respect human rights, strengthen democracy, and promote equity and justice for people everywhere.

Relevant Links

  • This website hosts a list of publications of all the research reports from their partners from various regions around the world, evaluating the corporate accountability and compliance of tech and telecom companies with human rights standards.
  • Ranking Digital Rights’ toolkit is a guide to using their standards and methodologies in holding big tech and telecom companies accountable for their impact on human rights. RDR provides standards and tools for evaluating and monitoring these companies’ policies and practices. They emphasize the importance of transparency in corporate accountability and use public documentation to hold companies responsible for violations. The RDR methodology has been adapted and used by civil society groups and advocates worldwide.
  • To learn more about Ranking Digital Rights’ initiatives, check out their website. For collaboration opportunities, email them at [email protected].