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Digital Safety Curricula for South and Southeast Asia

Updated 1 April 2024

As online threats challenge fundamental rights, digital safety is paramount. EngageMedia is pleased to introduce a Digital Safety Curriculum developed under the Greater Internet Freedom (GIF) project. This curriculum is a resource created for GIF country partners to design digital security programs tailored to their specific needs and contexts.

The curriculum aims to serve as a reference guide for digital security trainers, focusing on the digital risks faced by activists, journalists, digital rights defenders, academics, and marginalised groups.

With translations available for Bangladesh, Indonesia, and the Philippines, the curriculum is accessible in local languages.

This curriculum is open source and licensed under Creative Commons BY-SA 4.0, permitting sharing, adaptation, and redistribution with proper attribution to EngageMedia and ShareAlike.

At EngageMedia, we remain dedicated to contributing to a safer and more secure digital environment for South and Southeast Asia.

Access the curriculum in various versions:

English version


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Bangladesh (Bangla translation) version


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Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia translation) version


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Philippines (Bisaya Translation) version


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Philippines (Filipino/Tagalog Translation) version


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Philippines (Iloko Translation) version


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The curriculum was last updated on November 5, 2021. In recognition of the evolving digital landscape, some details may have changed.