(Un)censored: Women Breaking Biases film playlist on Cinemata

Screenshot from the film Bontok, Rapeless. Watch this and six other films on Cinemata.

To mark International Women’s History Month, EngageMedia has collaborated with Freedom Film Network and Inteamates to curate a collection of films that bravely tackles controversial yet critical women’s issues in the Asia-Pacific region.

(Un)censored: Women Breaking Biases” spotlights films that have been censored, downplayed, or have sparked difficult discourse on crucial issues not widely discussed due to social constraints. The films’ topics range from body autonomy, sexual violence, and gender stereotypes, to equal access to education and career opportunities.

The seven films from Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines call attention to the impact of patriarchy in society, boldly portraying women who are challenging gender notions, stereotypes, and social bias towards masculine world views.

Watch ‘(Un)Censored: Women Breaking Biases

  • Khalilah (Junad M. Nor)
  • Bontok, Rapeless (Mark Lester Menor Valle and Carla Pulido Ocampo)
  • Green Fingers Club (Anita Reza Zein)
  • Haus (Nora Nabila)
  • [MA]CHO (Jazmin Sheila)
  • Molly (Elza Irdalynna)
  • Odah (Junad M. Nor)

The film Bontok, Rapeless will be available to watch on Cinemata until March 16, 11:00 UTC+7. Green Fingers Club will be available on the platform until March 31.

This playlist was curated in collaboration with Freedom Film Network, a Malaysian not-for-profit body supporting social documentary filmmaking, and Inteamates, an Indonesian creative community supporting gender equality and inclusivity in the film industry.

Read the full write-up by Freedom Film Network here.

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