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Podcast Disko Episode 1: How online discrimination impacts Indonesians expressing religious views

Indonesia boasts a growing internet penetration rate, but the increase in internet users and access does not guarantee Indonesians’ freedom to express their religion and faith online. According to a 2021 study by Microsoft, Indonesia ranked last among Southeast Asian countries in the Digital Civility Index, reflecting the negative experience of most internet users.

Many Indonesians face harassment and cyberbullying for simply sharing their religious views online. This form of discrimination can cause persisting mental health problems such as trauma and even prolonged depression.

“The trauma remains. Although the person does not remember it consciously, their subconscious mind suppresses [the trauma] and keeps it. The mind can forget, but the body still responds,” said Ine Indriani, a practising psychologist working at Jakarta Eye Center.

To increase awareness on issues relating to digital rights and freedom of religion in Indonesia, EngageMedia partnered with KBR Prime, Indonesia’s first audio-journalistic platform, to produce a series of podcast episodes in Bahasa Indonesia exploring this issue. Episode 1 features a conversation with Ine about the trauma caused by discrimination, bullying, and other forms of oppression in the digital space. The discussion also invites two survivors of discrimination who opened up about their experiences of dealing with cyberattacks.

While prolonged oppression can inflict trauma, hope abounds in the recovery process. For further insights, check out Podcast Disko!, a collaboration between EngageMedia and KBR Prime. ​​The series is part of the Challenge project by the Association for Progressive Communications.

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