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[closed] Job Opportunity: Executive Director

EngageMedia is looking for a new Executive Director to lead the organisation in its mission: promoting digital rights, open and secure technology, and social issue documentary in the Asia-Pacific. (Learn more about EngageMedia’s mission, vision, and programs.)

Applications are now closed.

Our mission started in 2005 under the leadership of our co-founder and outgoing Executive Director Andrew Lowenthal, who will transition to the Board. (Read his thoughts about the leadership succession.)

We’re in search of a driven and high-achieving person with extensive nonprofit or social enterprise experience to lead a growing core team of 27 people and a dozen regular consultants, and to collaborate with a six-member Board, all working remotely across ten countries.

If you have a strong commitment to civil liberties, human rights, democracy, and freedom of speech and expression in the Asia-Pacific, along with a critical understanding of media and technology, we want to hear from you!

Applications are now closed.

Key Position Aims

  • Lead the EngageMedia team in working effectively to meet organisational goals.
  • Model and sustain a culture of collaboration, impact, and excellence.
  • Ensure organisational strategy and program design are aligned with top-level mission and vision.
  • Lead fundraising, building the organisation’s income base and sustainability.
  • Increase governance capacity and effectiveness.
  • Develop the organisation’s partnerships and networks.
  • Ensure the organisation’s financial and operational integrity and sustainability.


Fundraising and Grant Management (~20%)

  • Lead fundraising to meet organisational goals and objectives, coordinating with the board and staff as needed.
  • Develop, manage, and sustain relationships with a range of funding bodies.
  • Write, oversee, and contribute to funding and financial reports.
  • Diversify and grow the organisation’s funding base, including developing complementary income streams, such as consulting.
  • Develop funding proposals and pitches.

Leadership and Planning (~15%)

  • Lead the organisation’s change management efforts, particularly during executive transition.
  • Develop and oversee implementation of the strategic plan, coordinating with staff and the board as required.
  • Develop the organisation’s knowledge of strategic planning processes and thematic issues critical to the fields EngageMedia operates in.
  • Work with operations and program staff to ensure there are sufficient human resources to carry out initiatives.
  • Expand and clarify the Theory of Change, ensuring the team and the board are clear on direction and methodology.
  • Advise and guide EngageMedia’s technology architecture and infrastructure.

Operations and Finance (~5%)

  • Oversee the finance team in developing the annual budget.
  • Review monthly budget reports and oversee the tracking of operational and project budgets.
  • Review budget data, analysis, and background for delivery to the board for its budgetary review process.
  • Oversee the delegation of financial authority, ensuring staff accountability.
  • Authorise invoices and payroll.
  • Ensure finances are maintained to an audit-ready standard, compliant with all legal requirements.
  • Work with finance staff to develop efficient financial systems.
  • Build reserves.

Partner Development, Outreach, and Networking (~15%)

  • Develop partnerships with a range of organisations, individuals, networks, and foundations.
  • Assist in promoting the organisation via a range of channels.
  • Present the organisations’ work and its ideas in a range of forums.
  • Produce written materials outlining the work of the organisation and its mission.
  • Attend a range of events on behalf of the organisation to develop organisational knowledge, networks, fundraising, and partnerships.

Program and People Management (~25%)

  • Lead program design in collaboration with senior team members.
  • Review the progress of program implementation monthly, including adherence to targets and deadlines.
  • Convene and develop the senior management team.
  • Oversee and contribute to program design in collaboration with senior team members.
  • Provide oversight and direction to project managers.
  • Lead the development of systems for supporting and engaging team members.
  • Recruit and retain talented team members.
  • Conduct reviews for senior team members.
  • Delegate reviews to other senior team members as required and follow through on their outcomes.

Governance and Policy (~10%)

  • Support the board in its governance role, foster its ongoing development, and partner with it to achieve EngageMedia’s vision and goals.
  • Coordinate quarterly meetings and agendas.
  • Cascade and implement decisions of the board.
  • Oversee the preparation of financial and program reports for the board.
  • Develop and oversee policies and procedures.
  • Oversee organisation registration and other legal requirements.

Selection Criteria

Required attributes

  • At least 5 years of experience in executive-level nonprofit leadership and management, including strategic planning and partnerships development
  • Excellent leadership skills and ability to build, motivate, and inspire a diverse team
  • Alignment with EngageMedia’s vision, mission, and values
  • A strong interest in digital rights, open and secure technology, and video for change
  • Strong knowledge of Asia-Pacific social, political, and cultural dynamics
  • A proven track record in fundraising
  • Ability to design and deliver dynamic programs
  • Excellent English communication skills (written and spoken)
  • High-level organisation and coordination skills, including the ability to work autonomously
  • Strong knowledge of nonprofit governance, policy, and compliance
  • Familiarity working with multicultural and decentralised teams in virtual workspaces
  • Strong operations knowledge, including the ability to oversee financial work

Location and Remuneration

The position may be based anywhere in the Asia-Pacific. Candidates intending to be based outside the Asia-Pacific will not be considered.

We offer an international compensation package based on skills, experience, and location.

The position includes the following benefits:

  • 4 weeks of holiday leave
  • 10 days sick and carer’s leave (with additional 5 days in case of COVID-19)
  • 11 days public holiday leave
  • 5 days bereavement leave
  • 18 weeks parental leave
  • 9 weeks paid sabbatical leave after 5 years of service
  • Monthly communications and equipment allowance
  • Health insurance subsidy
  • Personal and professional development allowance

About EngageMedia

EngageMedia is a nonprofit that promotes digital rights, open and secure technology, and social issue documentary.

Combining video, technology, knowledge, and networks, we support Asia-Pacific and global changemakers advocating for human rights, democracy, and the environment.

In collaboration with diverse networks and communities, we defend and advance digital rights.

For more information, get to know the EngageMedia team and read about our remote and distributed work practices.

To Apply

Applications are now closed.

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