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Resources: Indonesian Guides to Combat Online Gender-based Violence

This post was originally published on the Coconet website.

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While the 2021 celebrations for International Women’s Month are ending, it’s important that digital rights advocates continue to share and amplify efforts surrounding online gender-based violence (OGBV). In Indonesia, the term is also referred to as KBGO, short for “kekerasan berbasis gender online”.

Coconet community member SAFEnet recently published “Aspek Hukum untuk Jerat Pelaku” (Legal Aspects for Perpetrator’s Snare), a guide that deals with the legal implications and actions for individuals whose intimate content are disseminated online and without their consent. The guide follows an earlier publication that enumerates immediate actions to take even before legal action can happen.

Click the image to read the report.

SAFEnet will also be publishing more guides in the coming months. Stay updated on their releases by following their publications page and social media.


Ellen Kusuma is a member of SAFEnet’s Security and Safety Division.