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Pretty Good Podcast Episode 3: AI and its role in COVID-19 responses

On the third episode of Pretty Good Podcast, ARTICLE19 digital programme officer Vidushi Marda dissects the role of artificial intelligence (AI) in the region’s response to COVID-19 and what the new applications of this technology mean for digital rights after the pandemic. In particular, Vidushi asks: “We’re seeing already that contact tracing apps that were meant to basically just monitor the ways in which communities are interacting with each other are already being used for quarantine enforcement. They’re already being used to track your movements. So what will happen six months down the line? Whatever happens at the very, very end of this long COVID-19 tunnel? How will all that data be used? How will it be used against you?”

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2 thoughts on “Pretty Good Podcast Episode 3: AI and its role in COVID-19 responses”

  1. wow, what an interesting conversation. Will public policy and governments ever catch-up with the tech giants? I’m quite pessimistic, but good to see this conversation happening in Asia-Pacific. Great podcast people, Also +1 for more research and information on the day to day usage of AI in the every day lives of people living in Asia.

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