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Asia-Pacific COVID-19 Resource Database

COVID-19 Airtable Database Resources Asia-Pacific

Back in April for World Health Day 2020, we started a database of COVID-19 resources that not only highlighted EngageMedia’s core issues, such as digital security and combatting disinformation, but also included content from and geared towards the Asia-Pacific region.

Now, using Airtable, we’ve given the original database a face-lift and made it easier for our communities to navigate and contribute to the database. We’ve always wanted this database to be a shared one, highlighting contributions from our networks and communities. It’s now easier for interested individuals and organisations to submit resources through the form below.

Also included in the resource are COVID-19 content published on other platforms supported by EngageMedia, such as our guide to digital hygiene and a documentary on how video journalists are covering the pandemic in the Philippines.

Check out the Airtable database below. Instructions for how to navigate the database can be found on the right side of the Airtable. For contributions, scroll down to find the submission form.

Want to add a resource? Submit a resource through this form, and we’ll let you know as soon as possible once we’ve vetted your submission. For questions and other concerns related to this database, email [email protected].

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