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[Closed] Job Opportunity: Full Stack Developer

Join our tech team!

The Full Stack Developer / Dev Ops leads the development and maintenance of EngageMedia’s PHP based websites, supports day-to-day systems administration, provides technical support to team members, and leads custom development on an ad hoc basis.

The person should have particularly strong skills in WordPress, PHP and LAMP, with additional skills in at least one other key language such as Python, Java, C, or Ruby.

The person should be adept at working with designers, managers, and content producers, both technical and non-technical.

The position is full-time and may be based in any major city in Southeast Asia.

Applications should be sent to [email protected] by October 18, 2019 with the title “Full Stack Developer”.

Key Position Aims:

  • Ensure EngageMedia’s technical infrastructure is operating effectively to enable the smooth functioning of the organisation as a whole
  • Provide technical support to team members on a day-to-day basis
  • Implement technical solutions to improve team coordination and operations and program implementation
  • Develop and deploy web/software solutions as needed by EngageMedia’s various programs


Web development

  • Install, configure and maintain WordPress sites and plugins
  • Implement basic HTML & CSS fixes
  • Ensure security of sites through regular updates
  • Install, test, customise, and deploy a variety of software, as requested by program and operations leads
  • Work with the site editors to meet user needs
  • Develop, maintain, and support software systems and solutions
  • Lead and coordinate web and software testing efforts


  • Provide systems analysis and implement improvements
  • Implement improved technical planning
  • Document systems in a timely fashion
  • Support the development and maintenance of backup systems
  • Set up and configure mailing lists, SSL certificates, and other base-level infrastructure
  • Support security of technical systems, including contributing to organisational security planning
  • Contribute to the organisation’s technology strategy


  • Provide technical training to EngageMedia staff and consultants
  • Maintain, troubleshoot and upgrade EngageMedia computers
  • Provide ad hoc technical support for EngageMedia team members, including in digital security
  • Provide external training on occasional basis on a variety of technical skills

Collective responsibilities

  • Record and document tasks in an efficient manner ensuring accurate and timely communication with Management and EngageMedia staff
  • Communicate respectfully and courteously with other members of EngageMedia at all times, ensuring you listen to, are understanding of, and receptive to other people’s opinions
  • Ensure all work is conducted according to the processes, standards, and deadlines required by EngageMedia
  • Blog as required about the work you are doing with EngageMedia

Skill requirements

  • LAMP and Nginx
  • Extensive experience in WordPress
  • Knowledge of at least one other programming language, such as Python, Ruby, C, Java, Javascript etc. (knowledge of Python is an advantage)
  • Familiarity with Digital Security technology and issues
  • Familiarity with mobile development
  • An understanding of version control systems
  • Willingness to explore and learn emerging technologies as needed, implement solutions based on these, and share knowledge with the rest of the team

Required attributes

  • Excellent communication skills, including strong English and proficiency in at least one Southeast Asian language
  • User-focused communication skills
  • Excellent self-management
  • Strong planning skills
  • Ability to take on a variety of deadline-driven tasks with limited supervision
  • A commitment to free and open source technologies
  • Analytical and problem-solving skills: willingness to learn new things, build expertise and develop new approaches
  • A minimum of 7 years experience in the field
  • An understanding of and commitment to EngageMedia’s aims and workplace values

Hours, location and travel

  • The position is contracted at 5 days per week
  • Office hours are between 9 am and 6pm
  • This position is based in a major Southeast Asian city
  • Some regional travel required

To Apply

  • Send An application letter in English expressing your interest in the position (maximum 300 words)
  • Provide a current CV in English
  • Include two referees

Applications should be sent to [email protected] by 11:59 pm, October 18, 2019  with the title “Full Stack Developer”.

All applications with be kept strictly confidential. Only short-listed applicants will be notified.

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