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Crossroads: Screening and Sharing Community Video in Thailand

On 13 August, we screened Crossroads, our video collection on migration, and other relevant videos from Southeast Asia in Bangkok, Thailand, to discuss the methodology and impact of community video and advocacy in the region.

A diverse group of individuals attended the event, which was held at the Ma:D Hub for Social Entrepreneurs, one of the most popular spaces where members of Thai civil society gather to work, share, and collaborate.

This event was organised following an invitation to learn from EngageMedia’s experiences in working with community media by the Thai participants at the Mekong ICT Camp, where we ran a series of workshops on the use of social media for social change.

Screenings of the short videos were part of an interactive presentation, where the socio-political background of each video was explained first, followed by a sharing of its process of production and the kinds of impact it made, and an open discussion.

We focused on the work on the Crossroads project, which the attendees found intriguing and inspiring, as they feel that community/participatory video has yet to happen in Thailand. A request was made for EngageMedia to hold a “training of trainers” and possibly collaborate on a video project in the country, which we’re enthusiastically looking into.