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RightsCon Update: Program Highlights

We are very excited to be partnering with Access and local hosts Foundation for Media Alternatives to organise the RightsCon summit in Manila this year. The RightsCon agendas are built by the community, and our all-star programming committee members are currently reviewing the 250+ proposals we’ve received from over 40 nations.

To give you a preview of what’s in store here’s a slice of the sessions you can expect to see in Manila this year:

  • Breaking Silos, Building Collaboration: A Cross-Sectoral Discussion of the Future of Human Rights and Technology
  • Not Too Inaccessible for Broadband: Connecting Remote Communities With Wireless Spectrum
  • Asia Chats: Security and Privacy of Asian Messaging Apps
  • Religious Fundamentalism Online and Human Rights: Perspectives and Solutions
  • Prosecutor vs Perpetrator X: A Mock Debate on the Potential for Using Technology for Truth

View more from the list here.

The RightsCon Southeast Asia Conference runs from March 24-25, but is bracketed by satellite events beginning 21 March.

Please visit the RightsCon website to participate in the event, and find out latest information including new speakers and program announcement.

We look forward to seeing you in Manila!