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Papuan Voices in Myanmar


It’s 8pm in Yangon, and the roads are still packed with people rushing home. In a comfy room in the Pazudaung Township area, at the office of Equality Myanmar, EngageMedia staff were preparing to screen the Papuan Voices II collection to a Burmese audience for the first time.

We promptly started our screening with the young audience who were mostly filmmakers and their friends, showing four selected titles from the collection.

As expected, we got tons of interesting questions from the audience, who mostly asked about the topics presented in the films. Mama Pinang captured the most interest because of the familiarity of the Areca nut eating culture in Myanmar.

We’re delighted that we had a chance to share these videos in the country and that we received positive attention for Papuan Voices II there. We’re also looking forward to screening the entire collection to a wider audience at the Yangon Human Rights Film Festival in June.