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My Memories of Camp Chindwin

I just got back from the EngageMedia’s Southeast Asia video camp, Camp Chindwin in Yangon, Myanmar. We spent three fun days together, making many new friends from all across the region, sharing lots of skills and experiences, and trying out new food!

The camp-site itself, Bago Center, was quite unique with a kind of forest-kampong (village) scenery. And it is run by communities that live nearby. The locals were very warm and hospitable, and they served us delicious Burmese food which was almost always a mix of natural flavours and healthy vegetables.

Camp Chindwin was run in an unconference style, where all participants get a chance to join and propose their own sessions for sharing or discussion.

In one of the sessions, we learnt about new and secure apps for video production from our friend Arul Prakkash from WITNESS. Another cool session was a 101 introduction to video making with Kim Buy and co-production that was held by Josep Laban, an experienced filmmaker from the Philippines. And these were just some of the many interesting discussions that took place!

Even though the camp has ended we still have so much homework to do, including maintaining and nurturing this network of Southeast Asian video activists in the hope that someday soon, we will get to meet again!

Warmest regards from Yogyakarta, Central Java, Indonesia,