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Migrant Films over Dinner at Kota Kemuning

Migrants and locals gathered in a village in Kota Kemuning, Malaysia, for a screening of Crossroads, our advocacy video collection on migrant workers, refugees and stateless people in the country.

The cozy event, which was held over a home-cooked dinner, was a good example of the communal spirit of the many community we’ve held over the year in villages or kampungs, as they are more commonly referred to in Bahasa.

The videos screened portrayed the many realities of migrants living in Malaysia and spoke to the heart of the community in attendance. They discussed having faced similar situations themselves, and in some cases, shared how they’ve overcome them.

To end the night, the audience wrote down their hopes and aspirations, reflections they’ve had after watching the films, as part of the Crossroads photo campaign which will be publicly available as a collection in June. Crossroads is available with English subtitles for online viewing and download here.