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Less Than One Week to RightsCon!

What’s on the Agenda?

More than 110 sessions, lightning talks, tech demos, and private roundtables. Topics include everything from intermediary liability to trade negotiations; from surveillance and privacy to freedom of expression and opinion; from cybersecurity to meme-making. The final program is live, and we couldn’t be happier about the quality of programming you’ve helped us create.

The event is designed to deliver outcomes, build strategies and partnerships, and have honest conversations to advance digital rights in the region.

Who’s Attending?

We’re still counting, but here’s what we know:

  • Attendees from almost every country in Asia
  • More than 20 government bodies from the region and beyond including Sweden, USA, Germany, UK, and Holland
  • 50 corporations, including the major Silicon Valley tech companies like Facebook, Google, Yahoo, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Twitter, Mozilla, and more
  • More than 150 civil society organizations from the EFF, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, Thai Netizens Network, ICT Watch, and Centre for Internet and Society
  • More than 15 foundations with a mandate to preserve internet freedom
  • 35 academic institutions from around the world, including Harvard, Stanford, Chulalongkorn, Nanyang Technological, MIT and the Islamic University of Indonesia,
  • 50 coalitions, legal centers and press, including Digital News Asia, GMA News, Thomas-Reuters, and First Look Media

New Satellite Event Announcements

We have two new Satellite Events to announce, and one reminder:

* NEW: March 23: Citizenfour: A Special Screening with Jacob Appelbaum

Join hosts Access and Amnesty International for a screening of this Academy Award-winning documentary, March 23 @ 6pm.

* NEW: March 23: Workshop on Guidelines for Documenting International Crimes

Join Open Society Justice Initiative and the Coalition for International Criminal Court-Asia Pacific Network as they workshop the development of guidelines to assist NGO’s in the documentation of criminal human rights abuses. Register here ( by Friday, March 20.

* REMINDER: On March 23 & 26, LevelUp/Internews, Security First and EngageMedia are hosting a convening of digital security trainers who are actively supporting local communities and networks in Asia. Want to attend? Register now!