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Crossroads Screening and Women Migrant Workers Discussion with OBR Indonesia

It was an afternoon of heavy rain in Jakarta, but it didn’t hamper the spirits of EngageMedia and OBR Indonesia in hosting the film screening for International Migrants Day at Coffeewar, Kemang, South Jakarta. As we kicked off the event, around 30 people were cozying up at the café to watch the films.

Two of the films being shown were ‘Perangkap‘ and ‘Perjuangan Seorang Ibu’ from Crossroads, our collection of advocacy videos for and by migrant workers, along with ‘Jalan Pulang’ by Yayasan Jurnal Perempuan.

The post-screening discussion included resource persons Dinda Nuuranisaa Yura from Solidaritas Perempuan, an organization focusing on women migrant workers issues, and Zely Ariane from Perempuan Mahardika, an organization that organizes women factory workers. They both spoke on the situation of women migrant workers and the similarity of the issues faced by women factory workers.

We were very thankful that there were some former migrant workers who came to the event and shared their heartfelt experiences of working abroad as well as their inspiring stories of fighting for their rights. Also discussed was how women from different sectors of society should unite to fight for the rights of all women, from which we came up with a set of concrete strategies that we could all work together on.

This event served as the first Indonesian screening for the outreach we are doing for Crossroads this year, and we hit the road in February to visit a number of cities for more screenings – So stay tuned!

by Dhyta Caturani