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A Weekend of Crossroads Screenings with the Nepali Community in Malaysia

Over a weekend, our partners KOMAS held two screenings of ‘Here to Help’, one of the advocacy videos from our Crossroads collection on migrant rights in Malaysia. The film tells the story of a young Nepali man who gets his hand cut at the factory he works at, and how he struggles while seeking compensation.

The screening on the 5th of April was held in conjunction with the Nepalese Poeple’s Progressive Forum which was attended by over 200 Nepali workers. It was also attended by the Nepali ambassador to Malaysia as well as the former Deputy Minister of Nepal.

The film was shown in between several speakers, who referred to its content during their presentations.

After the event on Saturday, we were contacted to have another screening the following day at an impromptu gathering at a Nepali restaurant in Kuala Lumpur.

Fajar from Tenaganita, an NGO working for the rights of migrants in Malaysia, conducted a discussion on the effective handling of medical cases with the audience of about 20 workers, before they continued with a screening of another film produced in Nepal.