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One Billion Rising Celebration

One Billion Rising (Short Film) from V-Day Until the Violence Stops on Vimeo

OBR-Jakarta-MapIn two days, we will celebrate the wonderful and probably the biggest mass action in the world. It’s a billion rising. It’s a world rising.

Update: Men, women dance against violence (Jakarta Post)

A year ago when people in my close circle talked about “One Billion Rising” (OBR), the campaign to fight violence against women which included a mass dance on February 14, they raised their eyebrows. Why not campaign the old fashioned way through awareness seminars, printing posters, or taking to the streets with a megaphone?

One Billion Rising does employ a new strategy for campaigning. Aside from the dance “to show collective strength”, One Billion Rising Indonesia has been organizing a series of events in the last couple of weeks including film screenings and discussions all over the country.

And it’s fun. Watch this movie collection from 2013, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival this year. It features a collection of video montages from 207 countries where the campaign took place.

Here is the choreography that you need to memorize for 2014 OBR in Jakarta.

OBR happens in Jakarta this year on February 14 on west side of Monas (National Monument).

Find an OBR event near you here.


See you on the street!