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Video Making on Android

The popularity of Android devices has grown in the last five years. As an open source mobile operating system, more and more companies are developing Smartphones and tablets on Android. There are also more software developers who create apps for Android.

The Video Making on Android Guide unpacks what video makers can do on an Android device. Written by Richard Hering for Floss Manuals and the video4change network, the guide covers video streaming, editing, and mobile distribution, and the available Android apps support those topics.

This guide is the first of its kind. Its aim is to allow Android users, specifically those who are looking to use their Android devices for video making and distribution, to navigate through the enumerable number of Android apps for video, and choose which ones are relevant to their needs.

As more and more people have access to Android smartphones and tablets, and as more and more video activists rely on these devices to capture, edit and distribute video, this guide can only grow.

This guide was developed with the support of Internews. This guide is currently available in English and Arabic.