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EngageMedia’s Crossroads workshop takes off in Sabah

By Seelan Palay (Source: CJMY)

Crossroads SabahEngagemedia has started a series of workshops known as Crossroads, targeting migrant workers, refugees and stateless people (MRS) in Sabah, to produce short advocacy videos of their respective situations in Malaysia.

The workshop, which kicked off on September 9, 2013, will provide practical knowledge on producing short advocacy videos. “I really feel excited to be able to learn new techniques on video advocacy,” said Raymond Sipanis, who is one of the participants in this workshop.

Crossroads Sabah 2The Crossroads workshop in Sabah is a follow-up to the series of workshops conducted earlier in Klang Valley. In this workshop, Engagemedia will teach participants storytelling, video advocacy, storyboarding, camera handling training, and video editing.

Editorial and Outreach Coordinator for Engagemedia Seelan Palay said that the Sabah edition of the Crossroads workshop series has been really good and the participants are very enthusiastic about making videos.

“We have started with teaching storytelling and storyboarding, next week the participants will be going out and shooting the visuals, which will be followed by a week of editing,” said Seelan.