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Building More Bridges In Malaysia

It wasn’t the first time we had online subtitling workshops in Malaysia. Throughout the year, we also organised subtitling workshops as part of Camp Sambel, and for citizen journalists from CJMY.

This open workshop was made possible with our local partners KOMAS, with a good mix of participants who were students, indigenous activists, independent journalists, bar council members, and professional translators.

In my opinion, it was a great final session, as we could see the accumulated worth of community translations we’ve gotten over the past year. We could see the journey of videos such as the Manila May Day Rap, which was first transcribed in Tagalog, translated to English, and then to Malay at this workshop.

The trip also served as an opportunity for Dr. Tanya Notley from the University of Western Sydney, to directly interview workshop participants, organisations, and myself, for her ongoing research on translation practices in the field of social justice, human rights and activism.

Lastly, on 14 December 2012, I did a live stream presentation on Amara and EngageMedia’s utilization of it during the Online Video Forum in Berlin, Germany. I gave an introduction on both organisations, ran through how we use Amara on our website, gave a live demonstration of the 4-step process, and shared about how we build and manage subtitling teams.

Thank you everyone for your ongoing support of the Lingua project. Let’s look forward to more expansion and collaboration in the year ahead, ensuring that critical video is never lost in translation!

Seelan Palay
Lingua Desk

More photos from the Kuala Lumpur session are available here.