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A Guide on Open Source Video Editing

Mick Fuzz and Anna Morris from Floss Manuals have developed a guide on using video editing software for the video4change network. The guide called, A Guide to Open Source Video Editing with Kdenlive, takes users through a range of different video editing tasks.

The guide is aimed for both beginners and experienced users, and uses KdenLive as a sample video editing software. It takes its readers through the different video editing processes — from editing a single video track to creating video mash-ups.

One of the more interesting parts to this guide is called ‘Transferring Your Skills’, in which the writers mention how video editing tasks on Kdenlive can be done on other proprietary video editing software (iMovie, Windows MovieMaker).

This guide is currently available in English and Arabic.

We would like to thank Internews for supporting the development of this guide.