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When Workers Speak Up

From 7-9 September 2012, EngageMedia and 5 workers unions conducted a video production workshop with the main theme of Freedom of Association (FOA).

In this workshop, participants learnt basic skills in video-making, including basic interviewing skills, risk management, and gaining consent. We are hoping they will be able to utilize these skills in a wide range of advocacy work (workplace campaigns, campaigns on national/regional issues such as wages etc).

More broadly, the project aims to give workers a voice on labour rights issues, as well as strengthen active citizenship and advocacy capacity amongst Oxfam’s partner organizations in Indonesia.

In this training session, participants also discussed how to distribute their video to wider audiences using tools for accessing, sharing, and distributing multi-media online (e.g. via social media sites).

After this workshop, participants go off to shoot individually. The gathered footage will then be professionally edited into one 20-25 minute film on the impact of the FOA protocol in Indonesian footwear and apparel factories.

The film will feature stories and interviews with workers in factories where the protocol is in effect, as captured by the workshop participant. It seeks to explore their working conditions and whether the FOA protocol has caused any changes in their workplaces.

EngageMedia is set to meet them again soon to view and discuss more about their videos.