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Sumatera Riau Workshop

Yerry(EM) gives introduction for ASTEKI members about online distribution workshop.

A video distribution workshop has been conducted from 2-5 Dec 2011, jointly by Engagemedia and ASTEKI, People’s Association Television. About a dozen young people, mostly student in Pekanbaru, came and participated. Pekanbaru, the capital of Riau, a province of Indonesia, is located in the centre of Sumatra along the Strait of Malacca. The Indonesian official language was based on the Riau version of Malay language. Riau is currently one of the richest provinces in Indonesia.

Many students and young people now helping local news agencies, Gurindam 12 (part of ASTEKI network), Bahana (student’s monthly magazine), and SIAKvideo to cover news and stories about forest deforestation, illegal logging, poverty. This province is rich with natural resources, particularly petroleum, natural gas, rubber, palm oil and fibre plantations. However extensive logging leads to a massive decline in forest cover from 78% in 1982 to only 33% in 2005.

The Engagemedia-ASTEKI workshop is aiming to share knowledge, tools, skills, to help these young people in this process.

Please check our Flickr and the ASTEKI page to get more details.

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