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Plumi Workshop in Bogor, Indonesia

Hello everyone! We plan to conduct a workshop on Plumi / video database, with our local partner ASTEKI, a network of local Indonesian TV stations. This workshop will begin next week, from 10-13 May 2011. Yippee !!!

ASTEKI LogoIndonesia now has more than 30 million internet users. But this is just a small number compared to the population as a whole. Also, Indonesia’s vast geographic spread and underdeveloped IT infrastructure make it very difficult to maintain a steady and reliable internet connection. For years Engagemedia has campaigned about online distribution, but we’re aware of these difficulties, and that online distribution isn’t feasible without extremely fast and reliable internet access. At times we’ve found that such distribution is impractical and time-consuming. This is why we’re promoting the use of offline video databases.

Over the past several years, we have used our Plumi video sharing software to successfully set up four offline video databases with our local partners Kampung Halaman, the Indonesian Visual Art Archive, Combine Resource Institution and Ruangrupa.

Our upcoming workshop in Bogor aims to share the knowledge on how to install and maintain an offline video database system based on Plumi. We plan to extend this database project and the community that grows from it to ASTEKI. This will allow ASTEKI to locally store hundreds of DVD-quality videos located in their office with frequent and secure backups.

Wish us luck…