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Bakar Batu – Papuan Voices 2012 Launch in Jakarta

EngageMedia and its partner JPIC MSC will be launching the Papuan Voices videos and website in Jakarta, this Saturday, October 13, 2012.

One lone video would not be able to change a community, however, we might have a shot doing it by combining video training, production, distribution and public engagement – that’s what Papuan Voices is about.

Tagged as ‘Bakar Batu’, which translates to earth oven in Indonesian (but more often used in Eastern Indonesia), the event is a gathering of video activists, campaigners, artists and the general public. The evening will include screenings of the nine selected short videos from West Papua, music by Sisir Bambu, a performance by traditional Papuan dancers and the live painting using the spit of betel nuts.

During the event, the dedicated Papuan Voices website, a study guide, a screening guide, a media pack and a DVD compilation of all of videos from the project will be made available to the public.

The pack will be available for purchase at site.

WHEN: 13 October 2012, 18:30

WHERE: Goethe Institute, Jl Sam Ratulangi No. 9 – 15, Jakarta

EngageMedia’s Work in West Papua

The Papuan Voices project overcomes political, geographical and technological barriers to bring important Papuan stories to the world. In doing so, it shines a light on the injustices that regularly occur behind the closed doors of this resource-rich and restive province.

From early 2011, EngageMedia has collaborated with Catholic Church groups in Jayapura and Merauke to teach Papuan activists new video production and distribution skills to allow them to give voice to their own stories to the rest of the world. Importantly, the stories that the Papuan video activists have created are not only framed in the political struggle for independence but also in the everyday life, culture and issues of West Papuans.

The videos include ‘Love Letter to a Soldier’ – a moving missive from a Papuan woman to an Indonesian soldier who was once based in her village on the PNG-Indonesian border. Theirs was a controversial relationship but she begs him to return to meet their three-year-old daughter: “I will continue to wait for you, Samsul. I don’t care what people say.”

Papuan Voices is sponsored by the Ford Foundation.

Click to see Bakar Batu Facebook event.

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