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Merapi Stories

Josephine Lie, a student of visual communications at the University of Technology, Sydney, has recently completed a project called ‘Merapi: Stories from the Volcano’. This is an interactive documentary exploring the 2010 eruption of Mount Merapi, Central Java. Shot on location over 15 days in July this year, and (probably) constructed over many months hunched at a computer screen, Merapi Stories looks at the eruption through a multi-perspective framework of 21 local and diverse individuals.

Josephine’s approach shows some of the great ways that stories can be told from multiple perspectives through video. She creates a fantastic map of the event that does a lot more than sensational news footage ever could in terms of giving victims and witnesses voice, and contextualising disaster in terms of response and recovery.

It can be viewed at

Very flash heavy, so I am having trouble with my low bandwidth, but this is a site I am sure I will return to. And tell Josephine what you think… Projects like this need feedback!


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