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Malaysia, Singapore, Rainbow Warrior, Haze and the Almighty Forest

Launch T4RA DVD Climate Video Compile. Photo by Donny Hendrawan.

by Enrico Aditjondro

Well, it’s ironic how the recent events were just connected. EnagageMedia’s Indonesian Content Coordinator Yerry Borang had just gone up to Singapore and Malaysia for the successful Freedom FilmFest. Over there, Yerry also handed out EngageMedia’s Time for Reel Action DVDs like peanuts. Time for Real Action, or T4RA, is EngageMedia’s climate crisis video compilation, where forests play a huge role in the issues covered.

Right at the same time, the Indonesian Government was denying entry to Greenpeace’s Rainbow Warrior, some blamed administrative reasons, some blamed the government didn’t want too much pressure on the Indonesian forest issues which the JFCC nicely lined up a few speakers to talk about how to stop deforestation through the views of Bu Nur of the Forestry Ministry, and Pak Mubariq of the Wold Bank (even though he made sure to people that his views were his alone, not the almighty Bank) Eventually though, the events winded back to Singapore and Malaysia as forest fires in Riau hazed the two neighbours.

Yes, it all comes down to the Almighty Forest, and here’s what seasoned forest campaigner Patrick Anderson of Forest Peoples has to say about the current forest situation, the upcoming Cancun meeting on climate change and how to basically manage it.