Close this search box. and Wars on Corruptions

A recently-launched website,, is acting as an online reference tool on the history of corruption, most controversially, by naming Indonesia’s corruptors, convicted under one of Indonesia’s many anti-corruption or anti-bribery laws.

The website was produced by a coalition of prominent anti-corruption figures and NGOs as well as one of EngageMedia’s ongoing partners AirPutih, ( They have gathered background information about individuals convicted of corruption across Indonesia. Every corruption case is shown as a red dot on the map, not surprisingly with a high concentration on the island of Java. You can zoom it for more detailed information.

Activists said that this website will help educate people by providing more data and knowledge about corruption. As there is not enough awareness of corruption cases in Indonesia, many of these corrupt politicians are planning to run in the 2014 national elections… as if nothing happened.