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EngageMedia in NY at Open Subtitles Summit

EngageMedia is participating in the Open Subtitles Design Summit in New York this week.

The two-day event, organised by the Participatory Culture Foundation, kicked off today with more than 40 people from a diverse range of organisations – from the hearing impaired to web startups to media activist organisations, with people coming from across the US, India, Australia, Brazil, the Netherlands, UK, France and several more locations.

The view from the event venue
The view from the event venue

The event is being held in a rather spectacular location, on the 12th floor on a building in SoHo – see photo.

The day started with the ever enjoyable meet and greet activities as run by facilitators Aspiration. Sessions were quite fluidly organised but highly collaborative. Sessions ranged from introductions to html5, legal issues with subtitling/captioning, captioning & search, standards in subtitling/captioning, quality assurance and a host of other breakout sessions including standard tech and user needs, crowdsourcing subtitle contributions, metadata and all manner of other geekiness.

EngageMedia is looking at adding subtitling to the site soon (hopefully early next year), ideally using Universal Subtitles which is looking like an increasingly fantastic system.

Full details of the event can be found on the wiki:

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Session Ideas at Open Subtitles Summit, NYC
Session Ideas at Open Subtitles Summit, NYC

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