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Digital Rights Activists Gather in Auckland, New Zealand

TPP Negotiations on top of the agenda

Last week, I joined other digital rights activists in Auckland for a workshop to share knowledge about the impact of trade agreements on digital rights. The camp was held in the lead up to the 15th round of Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement (TPP) negotiations, during which dozens of public interest groups will be sounding the alarm over TPP’s intellectual property (IP) chapter that could likely prompt countries to enact restrictive copyright enforcement laws that would have huge ramifications for users’ access to digital content and information.

The camp was hosted by the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Internet NZ, KEI, and the Auckland University Faculty of Law.

It’s Our Future NZ has been putting on a series of events around New Zealand, including a political cartoon exhibition, and rallies and talks leading up to the national day of protest against the TPP on December 8th.

The objective of the camp was to identify and cooperate with key local activists from the Pacific, to empower one another with strategies, resources, and tools, and to set an action plan for moving forward based on knowledge exchange, cooperation, and community building.

EFF has written a range of infosheets on topics that often reappear in the international intellectual property policy arena. They are very helpful in familiarising oneself with the core problems such issues pose.

International Intellectual Property Infosheets

Copyright Term Extensions and the Public Domain (EFF)

Digital Content Locks (EFF)

Internet Service Providers’ Safe Harbors and Liability (EFF)

Temporary Copies (EFF)

Local actions around the world

  • If you’re in New Zealand, InternetNZ has created a platform for Kiwis to digitally write personalized messages on post cards. They will deliver them straight to the Minister of Trade once they reach 5,000 cards.
  • 日本に住んでいる方には、Stop TPP!! ウェブページでご案内できますし、Stop TPPのT−シャツを買う事もできます。日本語でのTPPアップデートはツイッターを利用して下さい。