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Plumi 4.3beta Released

This post was previously published in the official Plumi blog

Unweb have tagged a 4.3b2 version of It’s available here:

The beta includes updating to Plone 4.1.2, support for 16:9 video transcoding, webm transcoding, replacement of Flowplayer with mediaelement.js HTML5 player, video language added to metadata and support for the Universal Subtitles platform.

Also updated is the INSTALL.txt with the new installation how-to.

Please install, test and get in contact with us via the email list if you find any bugs.

Here are the changelogs for and plumi.content:

4.3b2 (2011-12-03) []
  • added mkv and wmv files to cache exceptions [clopy]
  • moved repo to github [garbas]
  • added support for 16:9 transcoding, updated ffmpeg version [clopy]
  • removing propertiestool.xml – functionality was moved to other packages [garbas]
  • publish link should be part of desgin (moving to [garbas]
  • removed boilerplate code [garbas]
  • added iw.debug into devel.cfg [garbas]
  • update to Plone 4.1.2 [garbas, dimo]
  • add publish and notifyMemberAreaCreated via portal_skins (from [garbas]
  • added webm transcoding support [clopy, cpsaltis, dimo]
  • updated transcode script to catch odd resolutions [clopy]
  • update thumbnail generation script for 16:9 [clopy]
  • replace collective.flowplayer with collective.mediaelementjs [clopy, dimo]
  • replace collective.piwik.flowplayer with collective.piwik.mediaelement [dimo]
  • add support & update lxml [dimo]
  • pump up versions of external tools [cpsaltis]
  • add vocabulary and index for video languages [clopy]
  • update installation method and docs [dimo]

4.3b2 plumi.content (2011-12-03)
  • don’t stretch videos on playback [clopy]
  • add scaling to front page video for 16:9 support [clopy]
  • moved repo to github [garbas]
  • copied relevant parts from propertiestool.xml that were removed from [garbas]
  • moved featured_videos_homepage from plumi.content to [garbas]
  • html5 support [clopy, cpsaltis, dimo]
  • added Video Language field [clopy]
  • Universal Subtitles support [clopy, cpsaltis, dimo]
  • removed Flowplayer dependency, replace with MediaElementJS [clopy, dimo]
  • conform to pep8 [cpsaltis]
  • update plumi.content buildout [dimo]
  • add video language to listings [clopy]
  • update dacebook meta tags for 16:9 video [clopy]
  • add uninstall profile [dimo]