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Plumi 4.1.1-Final

This post was previously published in the official Plumi blog

A new, stable release of the Plumi video sharing platform is now available. Plumi 4.1.1 contains a number of new user side features, including

  • Bittorrent: when you upload a video a bittorrent file is automatically created.
  • Plays/downloads on videos: videos now show the number of times they have been played and downloaded.
  • Low resolution version of video player: you now have the option to watch streaming video in a lower resolution.
  • Other videos by this member listed on video pages: thumbnail links to other videos you have contributed to the site.
  • Brazilian-Portuguese translation: The site is now available in Brazilian-Portuguese (obrigado Luciano De Fazio!).
  • Video listings now link prominently to member profile pages.
  • Paypal: you can now add your Paypal account to your profile page to accept donations.
  • Facebook/Twitter etc. accounts can be easily linked to from your profile page.
  • Profile page shows the most recent comments you have made.
  • Number of comments on an item are shown in video listings.

A full list of the changes can be found here.

You can see a demo version of the software at Plumi Testing Site ( and a production site at

The code is available here in SVN

Download available at

This release has been produced by EngageMedia in conjunction with Unweb and Dave Fregon (