EngageMedia.org upgrades to Plumi 4.2.1

EngageMedia and Unweb are pleased to announce the 4.2.1-Final release of the Plumi video sharing platform. Plumi 4.2.1 focuses on stability, speed and installation enhancements along with a number of bug fixes. It is the first stable release since Plumi 4.1 and includes the Plone security patches issued in early June 2011.

Improvements in this release include

  • Author page now only pulls in news/events created by that author;
  • Minor layout clean up to the author page;
  • Indonesian translation enhancements – option to choose low/high-resolution version of the embedded player;
  • Add timeout to scheduler queue to avoid possible transcoder freeze;
  • Backward compatibility with pre iframe embed code to ensure old embeds can be played;
  • Thumbnail is taken at 8 seconds rather than at 4 seconds to reduce number of instances of black frames;
  • Page size optimizations – double loading of flash player removed and lower resolution thumbnail is displayed;
  • Simplify the installation procedure by automatically creating a Plone site and installing plumi.app;
  • Update tests use plone.app.testing;
  • Fix doctests;
  • Update to Plone 4.0.7 that includes the latest security fixes.

The release can be found at http://plone.org/products/plumi

SVN at https://svn.plone.org/svn/collective/plumi.app/tags/4.2.1/

Full changelogs at

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