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T4RA Climate Workshop

By Nova Ruth
Indonesian Training and Project Coordinator

Participants from nine organizations spent a day with EngageMedia on a workshop that was part of the Time For Reel Action project on July 24, 2010, at SEL 49, Jakarta. The participants included activists from Greenpeace, Jatam, Glow Alliance, Javin, Airputih, Profauna, Forum Lenteng, Telapak, and two videomakers from Papua. All of them were concerned about climate change and wanted to do their part in fighting it.

The workshop went from 9.30 am to 6 pm, and participants discussed their video distribution strategies and also brainstormed around online and offline video strategies. Participants found new tools and spaces for their distribution after this workshop. They can now distribute their films more easily and reduce the sizes down by 75% of the original size with almost the same picture quality. That would mean a 75% save of their time and hard drive space. It was definitely a more effective and sustainable way to distribute their messages out there.

In addition, we had a really HOT sambel that day and found out that the price of chillies are now crazily expensive in the market.

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