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Plumi 3.1.1 Released to Beta

This post was previously published in the official Plumi blog

EngageMedia and Unweb have released Plumi 3.1.1 into beta testing. You can download the release in a tar file from the Plumi 3.1.1 Beta entry on

The changes introduced in this version include:

  • Deleting a video in Plumi will also delete any transcoded copies
  • No longer asks the user to select a language when loading a video
  • Improvements to the code Plumi uses when embedding videos in WordPress or Drupal sites
  • Improved “bookmark” button
  • Video listings, member video folders and RSS1 / RSS2 feeds display in reverse chronological order
  • Transcode daemon was occasionally missing some videos when they were uploaded
  • Able to change the author of a video

You can find more details about these changes at the plumi trac report for 3.1.1.

Please send an email to the plumi-discuss list or post a message in #plumi irc channel to let us know how you go installing using the Plumi 3.1.1 beta.