Plumi 3.0 Beta2 Released

This post was previously published in the official Plumi blog

Plumi 3.0 Beta2 is a fully functional release of Plumi built on Plone 3.3.4. Plumi is a free software video sharing platform. Plumi 3.0 Beta2 enables all the features previously available with Plumi 0.2.3 and includes some additional enhancements and bug fixes listed below. A 3.0-Final release will follow in the coming weeks.

The release can be downloaded at http://plone.org/products/plumi/releases/3.0-Beta2 or you can access the release via svn. We’d love to have people testing the beta2 to assist with the progression through a Release Candidate version and on to the final production release. If you find any issues in testing please report them via the Plumi Trac.

A development version of the beta2 can be viewed at http://latest-v.plumi.org

Plumi 3.0 Beta2 includes the following fixes and feature additions

  • upgraded to latest Plone stable release 3.3.4
  • auto-creation of a thumbnail image from the uploaded video
  • large file uploads – integrated FTP support (previously available but not packaged with 0.2.3)
  • Built-in blob support to improve large file handling
  • New, more stable and configurable transcoding framework (Transcode Daemon)
  • html5 support
  • Social networking – ability to find people based on their location or their interest in genres, activities & media formats
  • Indonesian translation of Plumi and Plone interface
  • Built-in content translation via linguaplone
  • Increased flash player size and quality
  • Ability to add related items, location information and language when publishing a video
  • Updated flowplayer
  • Auto-notifications on retraction or rejection of content
  • New cleaner design
  • Fixed the content licensing UI error
  • Date of release can start from 1960
  • All countries are now included in taxonomy by default
  • Ajaxification of commenting including profile thumbnails associated with comments

These features are in addition to the out of box new features in Plone 3.0 such as:

  • content ratings
  • dashboard to list your content and add rss feeds
  • Inline editing
  • easier collaboration and sharing of content with other site members

Plumi 3 Beta2 release has been made possible thanks to the work of EngageMedia, Unweb.me, Mahiti, Andy Nicholson and Victor Rajewski.

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