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Nusantara Video Activists Meet in East Java

EngageMedia conducted a video distribution camp for 43 video activists from June 16th to 20th, 2010. Participants came from all over Indonesia, as well as Malaysia and East Timor.

The camp was held at Baung, near Malang, East Java, and brought together key cultural groups and individuals to discuss, share skills and collaborate around digital video distribution.

The program included discussions about distribution strategies, open licensing and Creative Commons, Free and Open Source Software (FOSS), participatory video, creating offline video databases,TV and online distribution as well as training workshops about video compression, hybrid distribution and open source subtitling. [See the full program]

The event also featured an ‘open sauce’ sambal (chile sauce) festival. See photo.Open Sauce Sambel

The core aims of the meeting were to

  • create a space for sharing current work on activist video production and distribution
  • build a regional network of online video projects and video makers who can work together into the future
  • develop the skills of video activists in the areas of online distribution
  • develop and discuss new online video tactics in campaigning
  • increase the uptake and collaboration around shared FOSS online video distribution tools
  • explore the issue of creative commons as a licensing solution in local contexts

We aim for the Sambel project to continue in other forms after the meeting to maintain the great energy and connections built during the event. Stay tuned to for more updates and projects that evolve from the meeting.

If you have any questions about the event please contact Alexandra [at]


Camp Sambel was supported by the Ford Foundation and the Open Society Institute.